Hello hello hello,

What do we have here then?

Oh it’s ANOTHER new story idea


Oh no!!!

But I’m 20/30/40k words into my last SUPER SHINY and NEW stroy idea!!!!

What’s that brain?

You do’nt want to work on that idea anymore and instead will focus on that new idea and obsess over it, even going so far as not letting me sleep without wanting to begin story boarding and character developing the new project….



It’s not like I’ve sunk the last three weeks into the last project and you know can’t even remember my characters names because my mind has ejected them so rapidly from it’s memory I’ve been left with no choice but to work on the new project until the inevitable cycle of doom and destruction with repeat itself in X number of weeks/days/hours.

Does anybody else suffer from SHINY STORY SYNDROME?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!!


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