Today’s blog is looking at working as an author and wondering what other people do to fit in their writing about their “real work” lives.

I’m a morning writer. I get up before work and try to smash out a 1000 words before jumping in the shower and throwing myself onto the bus in time.

Now, I’m sure some people are nodding their heads when i say this. Possibly a similar story to them. Other times though I like to give myself that extra hour in bed and then try to be productive in the evenings, though I find this produces lesser results on things.

So it got me think about how people find the time to write and juggle their busy lives?

Are you the type of person who burns away the midnight oil, finding inspiration in the fusion of the night. Perhaps you’re a weekend writer, saving up all those exciting ideas for a weekend underneath the blanket on the sofa to work away without distraction (I do this from time to time too!) or working in a specific space like an office to get your mojo on.

And what stops you from working?

Nobody thought of bringing a headache pill to the party?

Does the prospect of finding time after work, after the kids are in bed and your energy levels are super low and realising you need to open up your laptop and start working fill you with dread?

I know it can be tough. I find my writing energies low after busy or bad days at work or when I’m with my son, because those days demand so much m ore of our mental powers. The idea of diving into a fictional world and bring it to life can be exhausting.

Distraction are at an all-time high!

For me, the biggest ones that take away from my writing time is computer games and other books.

Why write my own story when I could enjoy ones that others have built and are ready for me to enjoy?

Then Monday morning comes around and I realise that I’ll never break the 9-5 life and reach my writerly goals by leaving that chapter or that paragraph for another day. Some days I have to realise that I’m not in the mood or place to write but I’ve got to try. If I try and only write 500 words or even 250, then at least I know I’m 250 words further along then yesterday. 250 words closer to my goal. Like a journey starts with a single step, so too must a book be written with a single chapter.

So fear not for the road is along and perilous journey, but if you take a step forward then you’ll still be making progress.goal

You’ll still reach your goal.

You can still do it!

Wishing you the best, no matter if you a morning, evening, weekend or occasional writer.

Keep it up whatever you’re doing.


How do you find time to write?

Do you have any tricks to help you stay on target and focused?

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