Hello hello,

Hope you are all well reading this. Whether you are a writer, a reader or maybe somebody just interested.



So, I’m trying to be more consistent with these blogs but with work, family, reading, writing, dnd campaigns and other projects, I find this left at the bottom of the order. However, I’ve not completely forgotten about it. I’m still trying to do these as consistently as possible.

Meanwhile, let me catch you up since last time.


So, The Emerald Witch, my Wizard of Oz retelling is out to the first round of agents and I got my first answer the other week and…..

it was a NO.


Their feedback was fantastic. Really positive. They just felt that they would have trouble selling on the idea. They liked the story and the writing style but found the tone too American (They were a British agent and the manuscript is tailor for US market)

So, I’m feeling very pumped!!!

What’s more, if I can do it then so can you!!!

Related image

Wishing you all the best.

Now, I’ve got to run.

A short and sweet update.

  • New Project (Lost Legends Inc. or Treasure Island Retelling) is 75% complete and hoping to get 1st draft finished by Christmas.
  • No, I’m not doing Nanowrimo this year, too many other projects
  • I booked a holiday to see family in Cyprus for Christmas, so really looking forward for that.
  • New job is going well!

There we go.

Super short and super sweet.

No, go out there and keep writing!

Cheer!! 😁

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