So, I’ve probably mentioned this a number of times, through various projects I’ve done on this website since I started it back in 2017, but I love tabletop Roleplaying games.


I enjoy creating a world and a story with my friends, to live out many different lives and characters. I do find myself often in the role of the Games master or Dungeon Master, what some might call the narrator or story-teller. I guess it’s the writer in me that leans me to take on the role of supporting the game for the players. Crafting well balanced and interesting world, villains and encounters.

In many ways, you might say that a well run D&D session is comparable to a good novel. There’s trials and tribulations, conquests and victories. There’s wins and losses, but most important, there’s a core of loveable characters that band together to save the world.


I’ve tried to tap into that essence, that joy around the table into a form for others a couple of times: podcasts, videos, vlogs. And the biggest problem is load-management. Writing a fun and engaging D&D campaign takes a lot of time! Added to that the needed capacity of including all the necessary video editing or voice over work and it’s just too much!!


Well, I find myself about to start a new campaign and frankly, I think it could make a interesting story… but how do I share it?

So, I had a think and… Well, I have this website? And frankly, I don’t utilise it well enough. Therefore, as videos and voice overs were too much work, I’m going to put my writing skills to the test and bring you the adventures of my new campaign in short serialised form, similar to modern graphic novels/comic books or Victorian styled newspaper story like the original Sherlock Holmes!


I’m going to be bring out a “Friday Night Adventure” (Title of Campaign TBC) every Friday for people to read in bite sized chunks.

Starting next week, I’ll introduce the campaign, the characters and set the scene going into Chapter One. I guess you could consider it a Prologue to the Story/campaign.

I’m really excited to bring this to you. What’s more, I’ve got all the guys in the campaign to help me promote and contribute, so it’s a full group effort

Hoping the campaign is going to get off to a flying start and the prospect of bringing it to a new audience!

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