Hello, one and all. Welcome back to blog.


So on this week’s blog I’m talking about reading challenges and asking anybody is they take their reading challenge serious or whether it’s just a number for you to hit possibly throughout the year?

I’m not a fast reader but I am highly competitive and therefore I find myself throughout the year aiming to subvert the number through a series of “easy wins”. These might include Manga, graphic novels, children’s fiction and other short form reads in a way to boost numbers.

At first I figured that I was just cheating myself and then I realised that the challenge wants to get me reading and whether it’s a 200,000 word grand epic anthology or a short 40,000 novella, if I’m reading then surely, the challenge is working?


When I consider myself cheating my way to the target number, which this year I have set as 48, but then I realised that cheating my way to tat number would only count if I didn’t read the book. If I finished the book, Adult fiction, graphic novel, manga or children’s literature it doesn’t matter.

A book read is a book read.

It’s another story digested and something I can use to build my own tales, to imagine and inspire.

So this got me thinking…

What’s your reading goal for the year?

Do you use Goodreads challenges?


Until next time… Keep Moving Forward!

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