Hello again writers, readers and everyone,

Welcome to another one of my blogs.


This week I’m trying something a little bit different. I’m putting out a poll.

You see the idea of this week’s blog is to help me and possibly help others in their writing journey.

So, what is the burning question of the moment?

When querying agents, how many agents do you approach?


I’m asking this because my current WIP is going through the last little stages of tweak. The final few adaptations before it’s agent ready and therefore I’m forming my list of agents to contact.

I’ve created my contacts list after watching a few authors experiences on author tube, doing a little research on line but just curious as I believe that like most people’s writing journey that the querying process is just as personal and individual.

For me, I’ve come up with 3 rounds; each composed of 12 agents from the UK and the US. I’ve used Manuscript wishlist and twitter to help me narrow down who I think the book might resonate with. Obviously, I’m focusing on the agents with strong YA links to the industry.

Calendar Pages and Clock

I’ll be sending out the first round and then give the agents within the round 12 weeks to response. At the end of 12 weeks, I’ll repeat the process with Round 2, then another 12 weeks and onto Round 3. If after 3 rounds, 36 agents and 36 weeks of either bad news or no responses, I’ll be closing the chapter on my beloved Jack Hawkins series, as hopefully, I will have something new to focus on after 36 weeks of writing other projects.

That’s the plan anyways. Fingers crossed and all that.

I guess that makes me think about my next question which is “How long do you try pushing a manuscript before moving on?”

I won’t get into that now, but I’d love to get your thoughts on it.


I’m going to open this up as a twitter poll as well to capture as much of the writing community as I can but was interested in sharing my thoughts ad I hope you found it interesting.

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Have a great week and until next time… Keep Moving Forward.

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