So with day 7 of the quarantine in effect, it’s getting difficult to look at the computer and solely work on books stuff and editing without going a little crazy.

Now, I love my WIP #Allforone but it is getting tiring and struggling to pace myself especially when I know that this lockdown is going to go on for a few weeks I was really scared of book burnout.

Now, I know I could start something new. Write one of the plentiful other ideas bouncing around in my noggin, but I was scared it would be more words filling an otherwise wordy space. And therefore I’ve been looking a flexing other creative muscles and one of the other things I really enjoy in life is games… specifically board games.

With many board game pieces on amazon for cheap, I’ve picked up some blank playing cards, a bag of 100 meeples and with a little arts and craft skills I’m turning my hand at becoming an Aspiring Games Designer alongside my Author aspirations.

Games design is great in that it taxes a different part of my creative mind. Where story-telling scratches one itch, games design works alongside another. It’s a lot more puzzle-like, with trying to come up with mechanisms and game play that integrates well together.

My first project I’m working on is a simple card game called UG!.

In UG!, player will be Prehistoric cavemen and women, trying to argue why they should get the food in order to survive the upcoming ice-age, but watch out for the Sabretooth Tiger! It has quite a bite.

It’s a fairly simple and colourful game, where players are set collecting in order to make the best shouts using such words as Ug, Ug Ug, Aaah, Ugga and Oooh, all of which make for a silly, simple and fun game that should take a group of four 15-20 minutes to play and I’m tailor for the more casual gaming market. Perfect to get out at Christmas (providing it’s not cancelled) or a light game to start off a games evening for more seasoned gamers.

As you can see by the pictures, it’s all very rough and NOWHERE near ready but I like the fact it’s a process sort of like editing novels in that respect. My prototype is my first draft and now it’s up to me to clean and polish it into something real.

Just thought it was something cool and different and maybe something you might want to investigate while stuck inside for the future? Maybe something especially if you have kids in the next few weeks. Games Design has creative elements, puzzle solving, mathematics skills, deduction and evaluation, a whole heap that could be fun and educational.

Most of the pieces are on amazon for a few £ or ($) each so super affordable (What you see in my photos cost me a total of £21 ($24) and I’ve only used 10 out of the 100 meeples in the pack and 60 out of the 200 playing cards int eh pack, so I could make three or four different games for that money.

Go on! Give it a try while you’re locked up.

Please stay safe and healthy during these troubled times.

Wishing you all the best.


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