Hello, hello, hello!

So, it’s a couple weeks now and I’m sure you’re like me and starting to get a little bored trapped at home??

Well, I’ve got something that should chase the board-om… get it… away! (Sorry… that was awful)

I’ve been brainstorming fun little games that can be played over the current quarantine and I had fun coming up with this little creative fun piece that should make help pass the time. Especially all you football fans who are missing your live games!

Let me introduce – 3P Football!!!

I’ve called it 3P football, because all you need to play it is a piece of paper, some dice, a pencil and a 1p and 2p: hence making 3p!

I’ve got a video below showing you how to play as well as a creative tutorial on how to make the 3P Football pitch beneath that.

For those who love to deep dive into the rules, I’ve put a pdf of the rules which take up only a couple of pages (set up and gameplay included)

It’s fun, fast and a little distraction in this otherwise strange and unsettling time. I only hope that the game brings you as much fun as it was to create it for me!

#staysafe #keepsmiling

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