Hello, Hello, Hello!

Well, what a strange time we have right now. Lockdowns. Scary news headlines. Uncertainty.

It’s all a bit nerve wracking but it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are small signs of kindness and amazing efforts by our healthcare services. I cannot say more than an eternal thank you to all of those working above and beyond all of this. Wishing you all the safety and strength I can.

But for now, I’m trapped in my own home, keeping out of the way and trying my best to make the best of a bad situation. It can be incredibly lonely being on my own during this lockdown. I know I’m not alone during this troubled time.

So what sort of things can you do to keep yourself sane if stuck on your own during these times?

I’ve had an bit of an idea and come up with three awesome isolation busters!

  1. Learn a Language.

I know… it’s a strange pick considering nobody can leave the country but with so much extra time and being stuck at home, what better way to get a little bit of escapism? What’s more, you’d be all ready to go once the lockdown is over! Perhaps a trip away to the country who’s language you were learning to test your new skills.

Have a look at Duolingo or Babbel – two useful apps that you can download onto phone, tablet or laptop.

2.Play online games

Being stuck solo, one distraction I love is a game. Whether it’s video games, board games or role playing games, before the lockdown I would meet up with friends about three time a week to play. Now trapped at home, that’s not stopped me… in fact I’m playing more games than ever! Thanks to programmes such as Roll20 or Tabletopia, you can play with friends, new or old, online at a game of your choice. RPG games give great opportunities to once again escape from our mad world for an evening and I would suggest anybody who’s never tried Dungeons and Dragons or DnD to do so during this lockdown. You might just be surprised. 😀

3. Learn a new skill

We all have that one thing that we wish we had time to do. That one skill or talent we wish we could pursue if only our oh so busy lives weren’t so chaotic!! Well, as Professor Farnsworth would say, “Good news everyone” the time is now. E-learning sites are seeing more interest than every as people use this downtime to upskill themselves, be that in artistic or IT skills, with memberships being either offered for FREE or for massively reduced costs, now has never been a better time. Look at trusted sites like Skilshare and look through 1000s of classes you could take part in, over a wide range of content! There’s something for everyone.

Okie doesk, that’s all I have for you all at the moment.

I myself am trying to get my head around a new job while learning to work from home, meeting deadlines and keeping self motivated while not trying to go insane from isolation….

I hope to be back with more content ASAP, but in the mean time keep safe, keep smiling and stay strong.

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