Hello hello hello,

So you want to be a writer? Got a fantastic idea for a book that is just bursting to get out?


But wary be, oh traveller, to the world of writers, for it is a dangerous and arduous and there is times thou mightest doubt thine self…. and why have I gone all Shakespearean????

Look. Pursuing a passion, whether that’s writing, getting in shape, learning an instrument or something else, it should be considered as a investment. An investment in ourselves, our time, our craft.

The road of a writer is hard, like all talents, it takes time and effort to hone that skill into something substantial. So it’s going to take time and it’s going to take self belief but the main thing you must do is keep working at it.

It’s easy to quit.

It’s hard to take yourself seriously and pick yourself up.

So in the next few week’s I’m going to do a little mini-series of blogs called “The Challenges of the Aspiring Author!!” (dum dum duuuum)

In this, I’ll share a little of my adventures down this strange and sometimes tiresome rabbit hole called writer from my past three years experience and from that I hope to inspire others that though their will be times ahead that will be tough, it’s all worth it for the long term goal.

So pick up you quill, pen, pencil or crayon! Open your laptop/computer to a fresh page and begin that quest to the foreboding but exciting world of WRITERDOM!

I hope you enjoyed this piece. As I said, I’ll bring out some more material, hopefully every week. If you have any stories of your own experiences you wanted to share then please get in contact with me. I’d love to offer more than my own tales as we all learn differently and this gives us very different experiences.

Best wishes.


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