Story Rating: 7/10
Fun Rating: 9/10
Art Rating: 7/10

The most famous Gaulish warrior ever known and the comic that started off his adventures.

Having heard back in March of the tragic loss Albert Uderzo, a wave of nostalgia washed over me and I dove back into the ancient Franco-Roman world of Asterix the Gaul. The book that started it off, all the way back in 1960, and the introduction the tiny village resisting the Roman oppression.

From the first couple of pages, the humour of Asterix soaks from the page, brings you in and makes you feel welcomed and have you smiling along.

With the same sort of hunger that Obelix has for roasted wild boar, I consumed the pages of the slim collection but at no point was I disappointed as I finished the book in a single sitting and allowed the memories to flood back.

Now, obviously, this was the 1st Asterix book and in the 60’s the art style and detail is not the same as modern comics but the wholesome style captured my heart just as it had on the 1st reading.

Though if I’m perfectly honest, the story is fairly thin on content, making some scenes a little long for their need in the full book, but such minor distractions that never fully ruined the experience.

If you have a silly sense of humour and like hero styled comics but you’re fed up of the generic “superhuman” character, then Asterix is the perfect blend of artistic style, story craft and slapstick humour that puts a smile on my childish soul on each and every reading.

So this review has two functions. The first to tell you to read this book and dive into the world of over 30 volumes, multiple films and various other properties but also as a thank you to Albert and Rene for bringing this series to the world.

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