Story Rating: 7/10
Character Rating: 6/10
Cover Art Rating: 8/10

Another world.

Another time.

In the Age of Resistance…

So Shadows of the Dark Crystal set in the prequel era of the 1982 film; The Dark Crystal and a semi-companion series of YA novels that tie into the Netflix Series; The Dark Crystal:Age of Resistance.

The story itself follows Naia, a young Drenchen who happens to be the daughter of the clan’s Maudra, a sort of queen figure among the clan. When news arrives of her brother’s apparent betrayal of the lords of Thra, a strange and ugly looking race known as the Skeksis, she goes out to find him and possibly the truth at the same time.

Having watched both film and Netflix show multiple times, I came to the novels to expand my extended universe and frankly wasn’t disappointed. Though the story line is little more than Disney-inspire “princess” arc (I mean she even has an animal companion in the form of Neech, her Muski) it has some great character development moments and plenty of meat for true fans of Dark Crystal to sink their teeth into.

Fans of the show will be very familiar with the host of character’s with the addition or POV of other secondary character a nice bonus touch, I do fear that this book will have little appease to those not already invested into the world of Thra.

With a cover designed with the wonderful art style of Brian Froud, it’s another great touch for true fans of the series and a solid nod to the love gone into this book. Needless to say I finished the book and was immediately on amazon to get the 2nd upon finishing.

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