Story Rating: 7/10
Character Rating:7/10
Cover Art Rating: 8/10

Book Review Achievement Unlocked!

How would you see the end of the world when giant portals opened up in the sky and dropped monsters and zombies all over the place. If anybody hasn’t been turned into monster food or zombie brains have fled out of the city and it’s not just your town. It seems the entire world has come to a complete stop.

Well, if your Jack Sullivan, self-anointed post-apocalyptic action hero, it’s basic living life like a video game; each day, every day.

With a mixture of prose and art, you follow Jack as he ascends a steep learning curve on trying to survive the end of the world as he knows it, from the safety and seclusion of his former adoptive brother’s treehouse. With the help of his best friend, Quint and former bully, Dirk, he’s set on searching the city for his former crush, June, who he believes is holed up in the old school. It’s a weird but highly fun, action packed story, pushed along with big monster baddies and high energy hi-jinks as Jack and his crew cruise about the city in converted zombie crushing truck.

Did i mention the monster dog companion? Yeah, he has a monster dog that’s awesome!

With the right blend of easy to read prose and with engaging artwork, this is a middle grade series that hits all the right buttons. For me, I got these books to read to my 10 year son. He loves them! And it’s no surprise that the series was picked up by Netflix and has also been very successful.

With many more books under the series, it’s no wonder that Jack Sullivan is looking pretty good in his post-apocalyptic world as the you don’t need to be a zombie to realise that the brains behind this book series have got themselves a 5 star franchise on their hands.

Awesomeness achievement unlocked!

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