So, you want to be a writer??


But what will you be writing?

Well, you’re going to need a “Big Idea.”

Big idea and innovation concept with paper ball.

Now, what do I mean by “Big Idea”? What it breaks down to is a a plot hook or a seed of a story which you plant and grow. The story itself, is a complex thing. There’s character’s, development arcs, antagonists, setting, pacing, POVs, tenses, personalities, structure and style and a whole heap of other things that for many people will send them shutting down their laptop and giving up on their idea before they start and that’s not what we want to do.

So for me, when I first began to think about becoming a writer, I looked at all that and I said “I’ll learn that stuff as and when I need it, but for now, I need to complete my “Big Idea” and then I’ll get to the other stuff.”

So, that’s when I looked in the mirror and asked myself 3 questions regarding my big idea.

  1. Why am I writing this story?
  2. Who is this story for?
  3. What happens if I don’t write this story?

That’s it.

That’s what I asked myself. And do you know what I learnt by asking myself that?

  1. I’, writing this story because I have to.
  2. This story is for me but I would love for others to enjoy it.
  3. Then it will never be told.

When I had broken down all that stuff down, it makes a lot more sense. And really from that I know that it’s going to take more effort NOT to write this story than begin.
My “Big Idea” was constantly on my mind. I would see the characters when I closed my eyes. Experienced the plot while living my life. Saw the potential when I looked myself in the mirror.

Now, I realise not everyone is obsessive as me, but I’m the sort of person that when I get an idea in my head, for better or for worse, then I can’t do anything but focus on it and want to do something about it.

And so I was living, breathing, eating and sleeping my “Big Idea”.

And so I moulded it. Shaped it. Gave it structure. Now, for some people if I said the term “Plotters vs Pantsers” you’ll know what I mean. I am deffo a Plotter. I spent time taking my Big Idea and put it to paper. I gave my characters faces, goals and personalities. I scripted a plot that would be engaging and exciting. I warped my reality to come up with settings for my world to take place in and finally I smiled as my Big Idea was ready to go.

So with my outline done, I was ready to move on…

It was time.

Time to start writing….

Thank you for reading! If you are looking to get into writing then I would suggest looking through some of the various authors on youtube. One author who really helped me and who I enjoy is Alexa Donne:

She’s a published author of two traditionally published novels with a 3rd on it’s way. She knows her stuff and shares the truth behind the industry while not trying to sugar coat the story for you. You’ll hear it how it is and this gives you a chance to decide for yourself whether or not traditional publishing is right for you. I would recommend checking her out.

If you like this series please give it a like at the bottom of this page and I’ll continue sharing my crazy writing journey that I’ve been on these past few years.

So until then, stay safe and happy writing 🙂

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