Story Rating: 7/10
Character Rating: 6/10
Cover Art Rating: 5/10

A girl who cheated death and now sees ghosts… that sounds like a hauntingly exciting story idea! And it’s written by Victoria Schwab???


So – The premise sounds good. But is the book?

Well, lets start at the beginning. Cass sees ghosts and her best friend, Jacob, is one. But that doesn’t mean she’s going around like some ghos-busting, Scooby Doo style adventures. She’s actual quite skeptical of the dearly departed. Possibly because her parents are two of the most prolific ghost-hunting writers in the world… and they just snagged a TV deal for a ghost hunting show, this means Cass is about to go to the “MOST HAUNTED” city in the world: Edinburgh. (Pronounced Ed-in-boro) Please don’t call it Ed-in-burg….

With her ghost friend in tow, Cass finds that the veil between our world and the beyond is weakest in this city of ghosts and there’s one in particular that’s angry and malicious… The Raven in Red.

This devilish demi-spirit has been stealing the souls of ghosts for centuries, but when Cassidy heads across the veil, she brings the Raven the one thing she needs to bridge back to the world of the living… her soul!!

Additionally Cass meets another like her, Lara, who can move between the worlds and who sends ghosts to the beyond with the butt kicking prowess of a ghost-fighting ninja.

So was it any good?

Yeah… I guess.

I mean this is a middle grade and it reads like that. If you’re expecting the sort of lyrical writing of A Darker Shade of Magic or This Savage Song then you’ll not find it here. The writing is simple and to the point but it works and it keeps the pace of the book moving forward. The character’s are fun and do have a sense of depth though it’s never fully explored. Through lack of writing or the prospect of stringing this series and a slow build, it’s difficult to say. Though for whatever reason, it never detracts from the enjoyment of the read so I was satisfied with what we got and therein lies the promise of this book.

It’s fun. Has a fresh concept and on the back of that holds your attention and keeps you turning pages from start to finish. All in all, I’m excited for getting into the 2nd novel and seeing where the series goes! Just don’t expect anything overly next-level or something award winning. If fun is what you are after then you’ve got a good one here.

My one biggest gripe was that on the cover you see a girl with a black cat and Cass has a black cat called Grim, but it’s literally mentioned like twice in the novel and has next to no influence in terms of story.

And I really, really, wanted a girl and her talking cat situation just like Sabrina and Salem!!! Does anybody know if there’s a story like that out there?

I need it!!!

But apart from that, I highly suggest this book as a fun, light, paranormal adventure novel. If that sounds like your sort of bag then go try it.

That’s it for today’s review. Take care, stay safe and keep reading!

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