Smash Up by Paul Peterson
Publisher: AEG
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 20-30 mins

ART – 5
FUN – 5

Total Rating: 4.6 Stars

Smash Up started life as a convention game and is now a phenomena all of it’s own.

The premise of the game is a deck-shuffling, trick taking game, where players will be taking turns at playing cards, of which is based on a simple yet effective system and finding the synergy off their deck.

You choose 2 out of the 8 starter factions that come in the core box (there are like a ba-jillion expansions for this game – just a little side note) the come in a range of wacky and fun choices, all which have tremendous artwork. There’s: robots, pirates, ninjas, aliens, dinosaurs (with high powered tech), fae tricksters, wizards and don’t forget the hordes of the dead. Yup, zombies!

Each of the factions has their own unique playing style and it’s kind of fun to get to know what each of them does and how they work with each other. The basic premise of the game is to build up a resource known as power through the placement of “Minions” this games version of creatures or fighters or whatever you want to call them. By placing a minion to a base, whatever is their power is added to the base. Each base has a “break value” a number which upon reach causes the base to explode… no literally… I recommend you play this game with fire extinguisher handy!

Anyway… when the base breaks, each of the players rank their Power values and distribute the points on the base given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd highest players with at least 1 minion on that base.

The first player to make it to 15 points is the winner!

It’s a super easy to pick up game. Teaching it takes like 5 mins and after 1 round, everybody is going to be into the swing of it.

As I mentioned before, there’s a ton and TON of expansions and grabbing just one or two of these gives you a bucket load of other faction combinations which adds even more life into gameplay.

Smash up is a game which is ever offered to play I will never turn it down as I know whether I win or lose, I’m going to have a laugh with this game. Whether it’s the fun artwork, to the simple gameplay or some of the wacky abilities, Smash Up is a Smashing successful for all the family and should find itself at home at most games nights.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s a thumbs up for Smash Up!

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