Malamander by Thomas Taylor
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 9781406386288
Pages: 302



“You’ve probably been to Eerie-on-Sea without ever knowing it…”

Based in a foggy seaside in the Winter when the tourists have gone, it ‘s a charming story about Herbert (Herbie) Lemon, the ‘Lost & Founder’ at the Grand Nautilus Hotel and Violet Parma, a girl who’s parents went missing on a trip to Eerie-on-Sea 12 years ago…

She’s lost her parents and comes to Herbie to help her find them.

During the mysteries that roll through the fast approaching sea-mist, the one that interweaves with Violet and Herbie’s life is that of the Malamander. An ancient monster that plagues Eerie-on-Sea during the cold, closed winter months.

The book is a Middle Grade, so there’s a definite younger voice to the style – is that a problem? – HECK NO!

In fact, Malamander is the perfect mystery thriller for such an age range and the entire town of Eerie-on-Sea such a magical place, filled with equally as magical people (and a talking cat!!!!)

There’s a strange Books Emporium with a mechanical Mermonkey, a museum filled with rare curios and oddities, a Flotsamporium with the bounties of the sea, and the best chip shop in Eerie (and only) found upon the the swaying pier.

Malamander manages to capture a ton of fun and enjoyment that Middle Grade books offer. It does this through great characters and carried by a very energising plot and pace. I finished Malamander in 2 sittings, because every time I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. On my 2nd read I actually put some ambience of waves in the background and boy did that make the scenes really come to life in my head, but it’s also thanks to Thomas Taylor’s writing style. Very vivid. Very fun.

Everything about this books screams “I WANT MORE!” as even though the conclusion to the Malamander is sweet, what’s sweeter is knowing that there are more adventures to be found in Eerie-on-Sea and I cannot wait to go back to that murky, misty seaside town.

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