Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Vol. 1 by Clamp
Publisher: Tanoshimi (Del Ray UK)
ISBN: 9780345470577
Pages: 208



Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles is a beautiful portal fantasy by the creators of popular manga Chobits which follows the lives of four central characters, trying to find their ways back home and beyond.

The core two protagonist are Sakura and Syaoran. The former being the princess of the land of Clow and Syaoran being the son of a famous archaeologist and in many ways Sakura’s best friend. The two fo them are in love with the other but haven’t admitted it, however, everything goes out of the window when a strange event occurs at the newly discovered ruins that Syaoran’s been working on and Sakura ends up in a coma on the edge of death!

Syaoran is offered a deal by a witch to help him restore Sakura but for a price… he can save Sakura but she will never know the life that she and Syoaran shared. No memories.

They are joined on the quest by two other individuals on their own personal journey that converge in a mix of magic and mayhem, but they will all work together to save Sakura’s missing memories and bring her back to life.

It’s a sweet story that is at it’s heart a love story that strengthens with each volume where the group find themselves trapped in a new world, chasing the memories for their progression to restore Sakura and find themselves another step closer to their goals.

It’s got a nice storyline, plenty of great characters and some fantastic art from the Clamp team which is sweet as anything and they all work so well together that if you are a fan of YA fantasy novels but have never tried Manga then this might be the perfect one to help you dip your toe into it.

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