Hello hello hello,

So you want to be a writer? Got a fantastic idea for a book that is just bursting to get out?


But what if I don’t now what to write?

Well, there’s an adage that says “Write for yourself as you are it’s 1st reader…”

If that’s the case, does this clear up what you should be doing?

I know it’s helped me, especially in the lockdown where I’ve gone through a little teenie existential crisis 😅😅😅

So, what sort of things do you like? Turn to your bookshelf because if you really want to write a book, you won’t just be “Writing” the book…. you’re going to be “RE-Writing” the book.

Over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over….

You get the idea. But if you want to go into a writing project and do it justice and write a good book, then you’ll be re-writing this story 3, 4 or 5+ times so you’ll be sick of it pretty quick if it’s not something you absolutely love.

Don’t like sci-fi? Don’t try to write the next Star Wars.

Don’t like romance? Then the next 50 shades probably isn’t going to be the sort of book you’ll want to write.

As I mentioned above, I’ve struggle with this over the past few months as my current YA project is going through more critique partners and frankly another revision (the 6th) is bumming me out. So, I had to ask myself what do I really want to write? Is YA right for me?

Mmmmm… well… maybe not?

Look, I’m a big geeky kid. I like snappy, action packed tv shows and movies, I like shorter books that I can read quickly and get lost in. So why am I trying to write a 90-100,000 word novel?

I like these sort of tv shows:

And I like to read books like these:

So, do you see where I’m going from?

Why not create a story for me ? Something I could read 10, 20 even 100 times, because when you write a book, that’s how many times you’re going to have to ready your book!!!! You’ll be sick of it. Hate it by the end…. unless you find a story that feels as awesome on read 100 just as it would on read #1.

Just something to think about.

So…. what are you writing?

Best wishes.


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