The Nowhere Emporium by Ross MacKenzie
Publisher: Kelpies
ISBN: 9781782501251
Pages: 291



Blue Peter Book Awards Winner 2016 + Scottish Children’s Book Awards Winner

The Nowhere Emporium is open for business. Bring your imagination. The mysterious shop from nowhere can appear at any time, in any city. Its magical labyrinth of rooms contains wonders beyond belief, but to enter you must pay a price.

Take a dash of wonder and sprinkle in a little mystery and you’ll have yourself this fun, fast paced and exciting story by Ross MacKenzie. It starts on the streets of Glasgow with the oh so cliche orphan at the orphanage, who runs into the shop though he shouldn’t be able to see it. This starts a magical chain of events that leads to him becoming part of the Nowhere Emporium and trying to uncover the secrets and mysterious found within.

The setting itself, the shop that can be anything and go anywhere was a fun concept and i really liked the way they were all contained in the mind and illusion of imagination. I thought that was quite cool. Added in a scoop of strange but likeable characters, though my only gripe with this book is that apart from some of the backstory of Lucien Silver, the owner of the Nowhere Emporium and Daniel’s tragic backstory, we don’t really have any character exploration.

It’s just not there.

The book is definitely plot driven and anybody who likes that sort of narrative will enjoy. For the readers who are more character story focused then I’m afraid you might find the story drag or struggle.

But if you did dive into the story, you’ll find a cracking ride, full of fun twists and turns and rising tension.

Reading this I could see how it won the awards, it’s got a sort of Disney feature film appeal to it and that’s what keeps you invested.

A worthy middle grade addition.

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