Hello, hello, hello!

I’ve got a strange post here today that I hope people might find interesting but I’m looking for bookish people who like to:

  1. Read Middle Grade and YA books even though they are slightly older than the targeted age bracket.
  2. Talk about books.
  3. Want to catch up with other similar people on a new podcast about points 1 + 2.

So yeah.

Not really post or blog so much as asking for help in making new friends as lock down has pretty much shut down normal social life and I feel a little awkward reaching out to new people….πŸ˜…

Additionally, I’m looking to start a 2 per month (Fortnightly) podcast dedicated to MG and YA books from the point of view of slightly older readers and it would be awesome if anybody would be interested in getting involved with that too as it would be a lot more fun with others on the podcast:

So… how much work is it going to take? Well, I’m not looking for a weekly session as I know we’ve all got pretty busy lives but I’m hoping to do maybe a single catch up per month maybe about an hour or two long which I’m going to cut into 2 x 30mins episodes. In it we’ll:

  • Review a book that we all read together once per month
  • Choose books to read
  • Talk about upcoming releases
  • Talk to authors (hoping to use skype/zoom to get them on as guests)
  • Generally have fun talking about books and just have friendly chats about books


I already have a book blog, can I link it to that?

Yes!!! If you are already a book blogger and you are interested in trying to expand into something new then that would be awesome to have you on the podcast. If you have a passion for books and open minded and want to share and learn about other books then you are juts the sort of person looking for! πŸ™‚

What if you can’t make a podcast session, am I out?


Life’s full of crazy stuff. Obviously, some consistency would be great, so would look for anybody interested to agree to do 4 catch ups each year so that’s what, 1/3 months of the year so not much in the grand scheme. Just asking for people to be as exciting, bring 110% percent when we catch up, bring your natural personality, be open to other people’s opinions (no assholes please), want to talk books, be encouraging and empowering and open-minded to create an inclusive and fun new bookish environment.

I don’t read Middle Grade, only Young Adult (or reverse). Can I join in?

Yes. Of course. Though if you are able to keep an open mind, maybe you’ll find that MG has some amazing stories!

I think I’ve gone on long enough but if you are interested please put either a message at the bottom of this blog or message me on twitter: @bigkidsbookclub

Hoping to speak to some of your soon πŸ™‚

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  1. Marcus, it would be great to be come along to your podcast. I am a complete newbie at this this but it would be great. I would fit in to the talk about books category as well, not really in to YA books anymore, but we can talk about them to be sure. Let me know if this is of any interest to you.


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