The Last Kids on Earth and the Zombie Parade by Max Brallier, illustrated by Douglas Holgate
Publisher: Penguin Random House
ISBN: 9780603577284
Pages: 296



Jack Sullivan, Post-Apocalyptic action hero and his friends are back!

The town of Wakefield is just as chaotic as before, with zombies and monsters roaming all over town and even in the mall! In particular, WORMUNGULOUS!

But when Jack and his friends are saved last minute by a strange monster person, they find out that a lot more than terrifying evil came through the portals that opened up all over the world a couple of months back. Some monsters are good and Not everything evil got through the portal.

One in particular lurks beyond the veil of our worlds and theirs.


But Jack and his friends have got things closer to home to worry about. The Zombie that took over town are going missing and re-appearing lifeless(or should that be unlifeless?) and with holes in their heads. Their brains… gone.

If you thought the End of the World couldn’t get any weirder, just you wait…

So, book number 2 in TKOE series and it’s knock it up a notch. There’s definite trails of where Max created book one to establish the world and the characters and book 2 he has the chance to flex that a little more while laying down a heavily exciting plot that keeps readers eagerly turning pages.

The artwork is as amazing as it was the 1st time around and Douglas Holgate’s illustrations accompany Max’s story as perfectly as peanut butter completes jelly.

It’s another strong addition to a fantastic series and one that has you wishing/begging/stealing for more.

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