Pirate Fluxx by Andrew Looney
Publisher: Looney Labs
Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 10-40 mins

ART – 4
FUN – 5

Total Rating: 4.2 Stars

Avast me Harties!

Are you ready for some rollicking good pirate fun?

Pirate Fluxx is a thematic version of the Fluxx game which centres around all things piratey and swashbuckling along the seven seas.

For those that don’t know, Fluxx is a very, very clever card game which centres around the simple principle that the game has two rules.

  1. On the very first turn, you draw 1 card and you play one card…
  2. After that, anything can happen as the rules are constantly… in FLUX(x)

So, for those who have played Fluxx of any variety (there’s a ton of different decks each with it’s own themes) it’s pretty much the same with the additional Scurvy and Punder rules. There’s some pirate themed silliness as well including a rule that gives you an additional play if you “speaks like a pirate… arrrrrgggghhh” and such.

I find this game comes out every time I’m playing with new people as it’s super simple and guaranteed to get some giggles. PLus, with the constantly changing rules, nobody is ever “out of the game” as they can be in some VP based board games, where anybody who’s played before will obliterate the noobs without a second thought.

Fun, silly and additionally small enough to fit into a pocket, it’s perfect of games night’s to holidays or even playing on the go (I’ve played a game on this in the back seats of a car on a rainy day!)

Fluxx is a must have for your board game collection, and if pirate aren’t your sort of thing then you should check out one of the over versions. https://www.looneylabs.com/our-games

They have fairy-tale edition, sci-fi addition, party additions, zombies, loads!

FINAL THOUGHTS: You’d be Fluxxing mad not to give it a go.

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