Who let the Gods out? by Maz Evans
Publisher: Chicken House
ISBN: 9781910655412
Pages: 384



Who let the Gods Out? is a middle grade story that re-imagines the Greek pantheon in a fresh, modern twist.

Elliot’s got a tough life. His family’s farm is struggling. The bills are piling up and his mum is losing herself to a battle with mental health. If that wasn’t bad enough, the local property developer has her greedy eyes set on the farm and the land it holds and will stop at nothing about getting it, including abusing Elliot’s vulnerable mother!

A chance encounter with a constellation who believes she can do better than simply being in charge of the Elysium council’s stationary cupboard takes on a vital mission on her own, bumping into Elliot in the process. This starts a chain reaction for a prophecy 2000 years in the making.

A great evil will rise and the old God need finding, because Thanatos will stop at nothing to release the other demons and rule the world!

This was a charming story, filled with charming characters, slap-stick jokes and a creative spin on the Greek gods, which – let’s face it – have been done to death at this point. But I really enjoyed it. What’s more, I really appreciated the inclusion of what it might feel for a kid who’s dealing with a parent with possible mental health issues, so I had a big respect laid out for it. A charming start for the series, though the one down side was the somewhat bland and reused story line (It’s not a bad thing but feels like it’s been done MANY times before… Thankfully, the characters make up for this.) And the book clearly lines up for further books, which does make up for this.

Also… Ninja fighting queen. 11/10!

Final Thoughts – Who needs to read this book now? You! You! You!

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