Cat’astrophes by Ludovic Mahieu + Eleanor Ernaelsteen
Publisher: HellionCat
Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 15 mins

ART – 4
FUN – 4

Total Rating: 4.0 Stars

Make as much mischief as catly possible without getting caught!

Unleash your feline side and cause as much Cat’astrophe as possible as you can! But be careful not to get caught or you can kiss those special treats goodbye.

A simple yet devilishly fun game, Cat’astrophe is a game where you want to be the player with the LEAST points at the end of the game as points = naughtiness. The naughtiest cat loses. Playing a single card or drawing cards each turn, players play a card in front of themselves or another, influencing a “Mischief Tracker” which dictates who gets punished and who gets away scot free.

The rules are simple enough to pick up and after a hand or two everybody is going to be included. There’s a bunch of strategy, some poker-like bluffing and some sweet, sweet revenge possible. Perfect for non-gamer players, cracking out on a party night or getting a games night off with a light refreshing fast game.

Final Thoughts – This games will fit Purr-fectly on your games shelf!

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