Shadowblack by Sebastien De Castell
Publisher: Hot Key Books
ISBN: 9781471406690
Pages: 340



The 2nd book in the Spellslinger series sees Kellen, Ferius and Reichis return as outlaws on the road. Much of the events from the first book linger in the back of Kellen’s mind and when they come across another of Ferius’ old tribe with a young “supposedly” blind girl out in the desert, things line up for strange tales of betrayal and deceit.

The main premise of this book is the journey and burden that Kellen is under. With a con-artist claiming to know a cure for his condition, a magical plague known as the Shadowblack and the loss of ability to help others while keeping his magical abilities both secret and his ailment hidden, Kellen is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he frankly makes an awful outlaw – but Ferius offers him the opportunity to leave it behind.

It’s that gateway book/part of a story. You know that Kellen has a decision to make. He’s standing on the edge and if he’s going to commit to his new life he has to start by letting go of his old one.

Touching and with some moments of mystery and intrigue as well as that action and adventure that De Castell does so well, it’s great transition from the 1st novel and shows promise for the remainder of the series and Kellen’s character arc.

If you liked the first, but uncertain about diving fully into the series then I would say to read Shadowblack and you’ll have your answer – much like Kellen.

Final Thoughts – Sorcery might be a scam – but this book is far from a fraud!

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