Battle Bugs: The Lizard War by Jack Patton
Publisher: Scholastic
Genre: Middle Grade Chapter Book (7+)
ISBN: 9781407192666
Pages: 126



Battle Bugs is a creative middle grade chapter book series by Jack Patton and The Lizard War is the first in the set.

In the book, our Protagonist Max is a keen bug enthusiast and when his mum returns from her job at an auction house with a strange leather books called The Complete Encyclopedia of Arthropods. Opening up the book later in his room Max finds himself transported to another world, where giant bugs live on the aptly named “Bug Island.” On this island, bugs live in peace… at least they would – but the Reptilian Empire is on the march and has Bug island set in their sights.

Max meets a ton of friendly bugs who help him understand their world and he agrees to help them in their current predicament and leads the bugs alongside; Spike the Scorpion, Barton the Titan Beetle and Buzz the Wasp to fight over General Komodo’s invasion.

The concept is pretty cool and for the middle grade chapter book series it hits the right amount of story while keeping pacing and engaging. I read this to my son over the course of a few nights and he loved it. It’s got a unique alternative world with the idea of bugs – usually seen as pests – as the good guys and I found that pretty interesting myself.

In short, it’s engaging, exciting and hits all the right levels for the age group, I’d say 7+ if they are a strong reader. There’s also a ten book series to get stuck into if you want something to keep your young reader entertained.

Final Thoughts: These bedtime bugs provide a good amount of bite!

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