Gargantis by Thomas Taylor
Publisher: Walker Books
ISBN: 9781406386295
Pages: 351



Book 2 in the Eerie-on-Sea series. Wrap up in your best rain mac because the weather has gotten worse since our last visit and a violent storm is lashing against the town, causing earthquakes, tidal waves and hurricane force winds.

But could this all be the effect of a supernatural force rather than a meteorological phenomena???

According to the folks in the town: YES.

A stranger arrives at the Grand Nautilus Hotel and Herbie Lemon, lost and founder, comes into the possession of a strange shell and a glowing fish shaped bottle that everybody in town seemes to believe they have a claim to, but when it comes down to it, only Herbie can decide.

With his friend Violet Parma, rumours of a great sky monster called the Gargantis surface as storms continue to batter Eerie. Could the myth but more than is being let on and will Lemon be able to piece together the clues before it’s too late.

Thomas Taylor knocks the tension and story up a notch in Gargantis, expanding in the lore of the small seaside town and making it feel like such a larger, lived in world. While a few new characters are introduced, it’s the development of our protagonist Herbie and best friend Violet that lends itself most to the story. A twisty tale that only makes me more excited for a third instalment.

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