Zany Penguins by Bruno Cathala & Matthieu Lanvin
Publisher: Bombyx
Players: 2-5
Playing Time: 20-30 mins

ART – 5
FUN – 5

Total Rating: 4.4 Stars

Faced with global warming, the penguins are coming to take back the world, not just as cute animals at the zoo but as its supreme rulers!!

Zany Penguins is a fun, set collecting card game with cut artworks and easy to pick up mechanics. Start with a hand of cards, you’ll need to pass one card to your opponents on your left and right, adding a strategy twist to the entire game which can be tense and fun.

Set your penguins across the world in 5 different environments (Desert, Antarctic, Jungle, Urban and Moon) each set wanting you to collect the most amount of penguin power. Each card has a value ranging from 1-9, with 9 obviously being the most powerful, but don’t discount the lower numbers – they have some serious abilities that toughen them up and make them very useful support cards.

The game ends when players run out of cards and you tally up your penguin power in each of the 5 environments and these, along with any remaining cards in hand make you points total. As with most games, the player with the most points wins.

Overall, I found this to be a great family game, a game for those not 100% into board games as it doesn’t demand too much from the players but with an element of tactics for the more serious gamers.

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