The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
Publisher: Pan
Genre: Adult Sci-fi/Humour
Pages: 180



Timelessly written, with a dead pan exposé into life, the universe and everything.

The first in Douglas Adams classic Sci-fi series and one I feel really changed the concept of sci-fi or at least viewed it from a uniquely dry and human aspect.

Instead of the focus on futuristic elements or the galactic scale of toppling evil regimes, Hitchhikers simply pulls you into the mind-boggling escapades of Arthur Dent and his friend, Ford Prefect, who he thought was from Guildford but turns out is from a small planet near Betelgeuse. What starts out as a mad dashed escape from the Earth’s unexpected destruction – to make space for a hyperspace by-pass – to near fatal asphyxiation in the vacuums of space, to joining inter-stellar criminal and former Galactic president Zapod Beeblebrox aboard a stolen prototype ship, there’s an infinite amount of hijinx to be had on each and every page (Fans of the book will see what I did there – lol)

Weird, wacky and highly delightful, there’s a reason it’s still popular even now, some years later (this was 1st published in 1979!)

If you like sci-fi and have a funny bone then you need to stick out your thumb and hitch yourself a lift aboard this series and strap yourself in for an out of this world experience!

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