What a rush the last few days have been!

From the fear and dread I had launching the game – worrying that nobody would give a damn – to the surge of interest and well-wishes I have recieved.

I want to say a big thank you for all those who have reached out and got in touch – THANK YOU!

As for anybody who hasn’t seen, I launched the BETA page on the website and uploaded the 46 page pdf rules as well as Print ‘n’ Play miniatures for those who might be new to Miniatures games, as well as some gaming resources for everybody to use.

The idea of the BETA is that I hope people will play the game and be able to feedback with any tweaks that might needed to balance out the gameplay and make for a better game.

The way this will work is that unless something majorly is wrong with the game or the resources, I will be leaving them up now for three months (October – Early January 2021) and just letting people play them and hopefully make notes on possible improvements that can be made.

Then in January 2021, I plan to hold an open forum for the game where anybody who’s interested in feeding back to the game to make it better can. Additionally, I’ll be putting a call out for anybody with creative outlets who wants to get involved with project can: artist, graphic designers, 3D sculptors, etc.

I’ll then put together a second edition of the rules; a Version 1.2, rather than a 2.0, but something that holds weight not only as a proof of concept but a marketable package. This I expect to take between 3-6 months depending on interest and how many people want to help get involved.

After that, I plan to submit the idea to the Henson company as viable licensed product and either work with them or with their approval to find a hobby company to produce the rules and the minis – either as a fully licensed and produced miniatures game; such as Star Wars Legion or similar to the Elder Scrolls Call to Arms game (by Modiphius Entertainment) -or – alternatively, keeping the game as a Print and Play digital medium but find 3D sculptors to create STL files for 3D minis rather than my paper 2D ones (I have practically no IT skills guys lol).

With any luck that should take about 12 months to reach so therefore by Autmn/Winter 2022, there might be something close to a real Dark Crystal Miniatures game… just in time for the 40th anniversary of the the Original Movie!

So just to recap, here’s the current time line I’m hoping to work to:

  • October 2020 – BETA phase launch
  • October 2020 – January 2021 – BETA phase collection and feedback
  • January 2021 – Feedback Forum
  • January 2021 – June 2021 – Editing and compilation of Proof for Henson Company
  • June 2021 – Summer 2022 – Production and Marketing set-up/Publisher search
  • Autumn/Winter 2022 – Launch of Official Dark Crystal: Fires of Rebellion Game

If you or anybody you know would like to be involved in the project or have any feedback you wish to submit so far, you can fill in the below form and I will be happy to chat further:

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