Rocket and Groot: Stranded on Planet Strip Mall! by Tom Angleberger
Publisher: Egmont
Genre: Middle Grade
Pages: 223



After battling deadly space piranhas in Sector 7 of the Cosmos, Rocket and Groot crash-land on a planet made entirely of strip malls.

There are dry cleaners, nail salons, 99 cent stores, 98 cent stores, chain restaurants, and maniacal robots bent on customer service. Sounds like paradise, right?

Wrong. It doesn’t take long for Rocket to discover that the place is infested with raccoon-eating toilets. That’s right. KILLER toilets.

Badly injured from the piranha fight, the totally-butt-kicking-duo have no ship, no guns, no money, no food, no water . . . BUT . . they have each other. Oh, and Veronica, the totally awesome super-intelligent tape dispenser.

Fun, silly and slapstick. I read this book to my 10 year old before bed. We laughed and giggled with the story and of course the constant references to “I am Groot” plastered all throughout the book. Managed to finish it pretty quickly with the style of the novel. It’s based as a Captain’s Log entries.

[I cannot find Captain Slog in my address database…]

If you have a Marvel fan in your life or your are one and your are perhaps a reluctant reader then the style, language and story within this book will give you just the amount for Rocket and Groot goodness you need. It’s also the start of a series so I’m excited to see where this goes.

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