Hello everybody,

So for anybody keeping up to date with the project – I’m looking to engage with a little bit of a fresh update and re-write in January. But, with Christmas being a little more lockdown that previously considered I had time to do this now.

Therefore I’ve been going through the feedback submitted (THANK YOU to the people who helped) and clarified/rewritten some of the rules in the V1.1 booklet.

Hence why you’ll now find the Ruleset V1.3 available to download on the DARK CRYSTAL: Fires of Rebellion site.

The main changes you’ll find include:

  • New Action – Prepare / Removal of Ambush Action
  • Clarity to the Armour and Defence rules
  • Changes to Unit statistics
  • Clarity on Commanders/Break Tests
  • Changes to gaming table sizes
  • Changes to Quick Reference pdf
  • NEW Spells and updated Spell Cards pdf

I’d love for anybody who’s not had a chance to play to give it a go, while for people who have already played the game to see if the new changes help or not.

Is everything clearly explained? Does the rules miss anything? Have there been situations that don’t make sense?

As I mentioned in my previous post: https://wordpress.com/post/marcusjhensonofficial.com/3009 – I’m looking to get the game set up as proof of concept to promote to the Henson and other games companies – in particular RiverHorse, who are based here in Nottingham like me, but who also have published the Dark Crystal Board Game as well as the Labyrinth games and announced the launch in 2021 of a Dark Crystal RPG game.

I’m hoping to speak to everybody about more exciting content soon and please leave feedback – your input in valuable to me.

Best wishes,


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