Friday Feature – #HonestUpdate – Take 2

Evening Guild Rats, Ah Friday. With a weekend to look forward to Fridays feel so awesome! Especially right now 😀 So with everything going on I was trying to think of a subject for this weeks Friday Feature. And then it came to me... With everything going on I'd give you a glimpse on what…Read more Friday Feature – #HonestUpdate – Take 2

RWBY Dark Genesis Podcast Episode 1

It's here! Thank you to all who helped bring this to life, my amazing friends and players and you the listener, with whom I can share this with 😀 Episode 1 - LANDING STRATEGIES We meet our group of Heroes for the first time as they arrive at Beacon academy. As they meet new friends…Read more RWBY Dark Genesis Podcast Episode 1

Friday Feature – What it’s about.

Evening Guild Rats, Friday! Ah glorious end of a rotten work week!... Yes, it's been awful. (Even with Bank Holiday) But  thankfully I've had a couple of days with my son camping (in this damn awful British weather! Hooray! ahaha) And it's got me feeling warm and fuzzy! Made me think... "Why the bloody hell am…Read more Friday Feature – What it’s about.

Friday Feature – Talk nerdy to me.

Evening Guild Rats, Ah Friday, Friday... Firstly can I say sorry for not posting last Friday. Totally got me weeks mixed up and now it's all gone squiffy haha Oh the life of a forgetful writer. See the problem is I get distracted way too eas............................................................... But enough about how bad I am, instead onto something…Read more Friday Feature – Talk nerdy to me.

Friday Feature – Conference Calling

Evening Guild Rats, It's busy busy busy at the moment. Work is pretty full on, the Easter holidays have been a nice break, while we plan ahead for a busy May, there's been a plenty of stuff to get on with. So the big thing recently was that I was able to go up to…Read more Friday Feature – Conference Calling

Friday Feature – Helping Hands

Evening Guild Rats, Ahhhh sunshine.... aint it b-e-a-utiful! 😀 After the dregs of snow and cold of March we find April peaking some 27c down here in southern England. Wait...da f@#k???? 27c IN APRIL???!!!! Damn, what the hell is wrong with the weather? Either way, I'm not complaining, but I am confused. (Feel like on…Read more Friday Feature – Helping Hands

Friday Feature – 9 circles of editing hell!

Evening Guild Rats, Is it just me or is this year already flying by before our very eyes!!!! It's already APRIL and my submission/editing deadlines which back in January looked like decades away have now come up at an alarming pace! And of course the last few weeks before the deadlines have been busy as…Read more Friday Feature – 9 circles of editing hell!