Friday Feature – Helping Hands

Evening Guild Rats, Ahhhh sunshine.... aint it b-e-a-utiful! 😀 After the dregs of snow and cold of March we find April peaking some 27c down here in southern England. Wait...da f@#k???? 27c IN APRIL???!!!! Damn, what the hell is wrong with the weather? Either way, I'm not complaining, but I am confused. (Feel like on…Read more Friday Feature – Helping Hands

Friday Feature – 9 circles of editing hell!

Evening Guild Rats, Is it just me or is this year already flying by before our very eyes!!!! It's already APRIL and my submission/editing deadlines which back in January looked like decades away have now come up at an alarming pace! And of course the last few weeks before the deadlines have been busy as…Read more Friday Feature – 9 circles of editing hell!

Friday Feature – Author Spotlight

  Evening Guild Rats, I am currently at a Sci-Fi con right now this has been pre-made on Tuesday... My BIRTHDAY! hahaha... I don't really celebrate my birthday but as it was the big day, I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about me. So I present this weeks blog... all about me :P…Read more Friday Feature – Author Spotlight

Friday Feature – Coffee and Chapters

Evening Guild Rats! Friday Friday! Got some good plans for the weekend? I hope you do! 🙂 I'm off to see my son so I'll be acting like a big kid 😀 But the big talking point recently has been the snow around the UK, which sent us brits into a big old stir! Simply…Read more Friday Feature – Coffee and Chapters

Friday Feature – FREE books and Love

Evening Guild Rats, Is it Friday already??? Woohoo!!!! And even more awesome about it is that I'm giving away FREE EBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.... Where has February gone?? No, seriously? Superbowls, school half terms, international travel, work deadlines and New super secrets projects!!!! PHEW! I think we all deserve a reward for all the hard work.... Well,…Read more Friday Feature – FREE books and Love

Friday Feature – Fortnightly Move

Hello Guild Rats, Apologies I know I have missed a last weeks blog and that this is a a day late 😅 Been a crazy few weeks... Firstly, I missed last week because I was on holiday in the beautiful city of Krakow! 😁 🇵🇱 And this week had all the students come back to university…Read more Friday Feature – Fortnightly Move

Friday Feature – 1 more skill

Evening Guild Rats, So been busy writing new project and waiting to hear back from agents for 'Honour Among Thieves'.... All exciting stuff... but made me think the other day, just on a random tangent. (Oh one of many I seem to have every day) What would I do right now if I wasn't writing?…Read more Friday Feature – 1 more skill