Friday Feature – Christmas Wishlist

Evening Guild Rats, So it's Friday and it's officially time to get christmassy! Yes! I know some of you are trying to avoid it and others welcome it but it's coming whether you like it or not... Having to spend hours with family you either detest or they smell. The stress that everywhere is now…Read more Friday Feature – Christmas Wishlist

Friday Feature – FREE chapter

Evening Guild Rats, Happy Friday to you all. Keeping it short and sweet tonight ☺️ 1st December!Christmas tunes officially allowed πŸ˜πŸŽ„ To celebrate I have a early Christmas present! 🎁 Get the 1st chapter of my upcoming novel for FREE. Simply subscribe to this blog at And receive a FREE pdf of 'Honour Among…Read more Friday Feature – FREE chapter

Friday Feature – Late Thanksgiving Thanks

Evening Guild Rats, Today's blog is all about sharing the love! Yesterday was Thanksgiving for all my American writing compatriots and today I'm talking about what I'm fateful for. The first thing I have to beΒ thankful for and I know I spoke about how amazing they are on Wednesday's Instagram mini blog series but these…Read more Friday Feature – Late Thanksgiving Thanks

Friday Feature – #Honest Update

EveningΒ Guild Rats, Ah, Friday... Gateway to the weekend πŸ™‚ This weeks blog was inspired by an author + blogger I'm following called Sam. Please go and check out her blog here: She's also on InstagramΒ - @samanthahouse. So today I'll be giving an honest update of where I am on my writing journey, how 'Honour…Read more Friday Feature – #Honest Update

Friday Feature – Instagramming!

Evening Guild Rats, Another Friday night... finally πŸ™‚ And this week has been exciting for lots of good reasons, its also been sucky for lots of others. But one thing that has been successful is my latest social media campaign through instagram! Some of you who follow my instagramΒ will have seen my Author journey fragments,…Read more Friday Feature – Instagramming!

Friday Feature – Character Bio

Evening Guild Rats, Another week and another Friday... oh how sweet the weekends are πŸ™‚ Last week I introduced you to Rosetta, former accomplice of Kaiden within The Thieves Guild of RΓͺves. Rosetta Fentris   Rosetta Fentris is the Master of Shadows within the Thieves Guild of RΓͺves. Before this, she was Kaiden's apprentice learning…Read more Friday Feature – Character Bio

Friday Feature – Charcter Interview

Friday is here and it's time for a new character interview! This week we meet up with Kaiden's former partner in crime and apprentice now turned Master of Secrets: Rosetta Fentris.   Me: Good Afternoon Rosetta, how are you? Rosetta: Good darling, thank you for asking. And you? Me: Errr.... I'm good, thank you. Now…Read more Friday Feature – Charcter Interview