Working title: An Equation of Light.

YA Historical Thriller.

Disney’s National Treasure meets Big Bang Theory set within the 1660’s.
Did I also mention that a Young Isaac Newton was the the Main Protagonist????
Well, he is!
When a powerful secret society and dangerous group of zealots clash for an unspeakable treasure, an eighteen year old Isaac, fresh in his first year of university finds himself caught in the middle of a plot of deadly possibilities. With his friend, Scarlett, they must race across 17th Century England before it’s too late, and they will need more than luck to survive the coming storm…
Mystery and clues lead to edge of seat action and friendship as one of the smartest people in British History  meets his match in this YA coming of age adventure.


STATUS: 1st Draft Completed – Editing.

Working title: d’Artagnan.

YA Historical Re-telling.

A re-imagining of the classic Alexandre Dumas novel, The 3 Musketeers.
What’s the twist, you ask? Well let me tell you.
d’Artagnan tells story of Elise d’Artagnan. A strong, independent seventeen year old girl in FRANCE, 1773, gifted swords woman, with a love for music, she’s hoping to travel Europe to discover herself. However, her father has formed an arranged marriage for her, and her brother is dying. Her brother was set to move to Paris and become a Musketeer but instead gives Elise his commission to use!
Therefore, Elise must disguise herself as a boy and come to terms with living with herself, upholding her brother’s memory and adjusting to life as a musketeer. When she becomes the personal bodyguard to the Princess of France, a seventeen year old Marie Antoinette, things really begin to unravel!
A story about coming of age, dealing with grief and loss of a loved one, living up to expectations and finding unlikely friendships in the face of adversity. d’Artagnan is a YA filled with historical drama, rich characters and settings.

STATUS: Currently Writing!