Working title: Jack Hawkins and the Curse of Cortés

YA Action Adventure

A Treasure Island retelling with a modern twist. Treasure Island meets Tomb Raider in this action packed coming of age story.

Jack has always wanted to be an explorer/archaeologist like his uncle, Ben Gunn. When a series of events throws Jack into his uncle’s world, he quickly discovers it not as simple as dusty ancient artifacts. The world of historical relic hunting is a lot more dangerous than Jack realised. But clues lead to the possibility of the find of a lifetime. An island said to hold an unimaginable wealth.

But other forces are intent on getting their hands on the treasure, such as Johann Silver, a nefarious mercenary working for the mysterious Omega Corporation.

A new hero is born.

For fans of Percy Jackson, Skullduggery Pleasant and the Iron Trials series.

STATUS: 1st Draft Completed – Editing.

Working title: All for One

YA Three Musketters Re-telling.

France, 1779.

Elise D’Artagnan has one dream.

To be treated as an individual and not simply as a woman.

After the death of her brother and an unwanted marriage proposal, she finds herself thrown into the intriguing and politically difficult world of royal life in Versailles.

Shadows move in the background and all is not what it seems. Elise herself guards a secret that would tear her new world in two.

STATUS: 1st Draft finished – Editing