Working title: All for One

YA Three Musketters Re-telling.

France, 1779.

Elise D’Artagnan is a Musketeer at heart.

Well trained and with an ancestry heavily linked to the famous military corp she would make the perfect recruit.

There’s only one problem.

The Musketeers do not accept women among their ranks.

When Elise’s brother, Armand, dies, she has an important decision to make; to remain in her provincial French town and marry a man she’s never met, or disguise herself as her departed brother and join the company she was born to serve.

Reaching Paris, she finds herself assigned as bodyguard to the new princess of France, a young woman named Marie Antoinette. Between her Musketeer duties and keeping her identity hidden, Elise discovers that behind the gilded façade of Versailles lies a realm of secrets, sabotage and sedition that will challenge Elise’s loyalties and set her on a path against dangerous adversaries.

Honour. Duty. Family and friendship.

Everything will be put on the line in this thrilling action adventure novel.

For when your comrade’s motto is “All for One”, the question Elise must ask herself is how much of her All is she prepared to risk others finding out…?

STATUS: With Critique Partners

Middle Grade SCI-FI Action Adventure


The Last Kids on Earth meets Star Wars, in this King Arthur re-mix

In the future, humanity has expanded beyond the stars and joined the Federation of Advanced Lifeforms, and 13 year old Artemis Penn is heading off to Solar Academy, a special school that trains heroes known as Paragons – and if that wasn’t nerve-wracking, well… he’s the 1st human student.

But school life is tough, even in the far off future, where Artemis will have to deal with bullies, the stigma of a new school, scary prophecies and talking swords embedded in stone!

STATUS: Looking for Representation