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Seems you’ve found my character pages, where will introduce you to some of the main characters in the world of ‘Honour Among Thieves’.


Kaiden Zwelle

Kaiden Zwelle is a member of the council of Masters within the thieves guild of Rêves.

Kaiden, however, is rawer, he’s grown up through difficult circumstances in the bad parts of Rêves, living through the guild for most of his life.

I wanted the main character to drive the story through their grit and their drive as the underlying plot picked them up in a tsunami and shook them up, and reading how they could possibly come out on top (or not? you never know…)

Character Profile

  • Name: Kaiden Zwelle – That’s his real name, it’s not a secret or code name.
  • Age: 42 – I didn’t want a sprightly young hero type as my protagonist, instead I wanted a bitter middle-aged thief in the fading graces of his career.
  • Height: 5ft 10in
  • Weight: 188lbs
  • Marital Status: Single – You’ll have to wait and find out why…
  • Specialist Skill: Unknown – Former acolyte of the Master of Tricksters, but after a life-changing incident, he was taken under the wings of Master of Enforcers and Master of Burglars and now stands in the Guild council as Master of Shadows. 
    So Kaiden’s got a nice mixture of sneaky skills… mwahahaha.

We caught up with Kaiden for a little interview as well.

Me: Hello,  nice to meet you Kaiden how are you doing? 

Kaiden: Not too bad, could be worse.

Me: So your fans would like to know more about you. What makes you tick? 

Kaiden: Well primarily I do what I want. You know… Take care of me self and the rest takes care of them. Of course,  a few good friends to spend a night with a good Cersian lager helps also.

Me: Growing up did you always want to join thieves guild? 

Kaiden: Growing up I didnt have a f**king choice. You joined or you starved.

Me: Wow so hard upbringing. But you’ve turned it in your favour. Now master of the Guild, on the Council as Master of Shadows, what exactly does master of Shadows mean? 

Kaiden: It means I’m shady as f**k. (Kaiden laughs) no but seriously my role is top secret… Covert like…

Me: errrr…. Right but the title was given to you by your friend and former prince, Ravi. Did his death effect you much? 

Kaiden: what a stupid bloody question… People die every day… Ravi was just another. Terrible way to go though…

Me: Final question, what can fans expect next from Kaiden Zwelle? 

Kaiden: Fans can expect nothing… I do what I want, when I want… If people find it interesting… So be it.

Me: Thank you for your time Kaiden. (shakes hand) See you soon. 

Kaiden: Not a chance mate (Kaiden leaves)

Me: oh bugger… He’s stolen my watch… “hey come back here!!!” 


Niles Van der Haas

Niles Van der Haas is a young genius inventor from a prolific family from the city of Gosenburg in Ainzmark.

Niles, the floppy-haired young man is trying to find his place in the world. A genius he is pushing the edge of electrical technologies which Kaiden seizes to enhance his chances of winning Karnival. His grandfather is precious to him and wishes to be a great inventor and scientist like him.

I wanted somebody to balance Kaiden’s raw nature. The fresh-eyed boy from another country, blind to the realities of the poorer struggles and corrupt nature of the Durasian business world.

Character Profile

  • Name: Niles Van der Haas
  • Age: 24 – Young but very intelligent. He lacks from a shortage of common sense that comes from living a privileged lifestyle before coming to Rêves.
  • Height: 5ft 8in
  • Weight: 156lbs
  • Marital Status: Single – Bless him… He’s only just found the guts to kiss his crush for the first time over few weeks prior to events in the book.
  • Specialist Skill: Genius Inventor – A former student of the prestigious Oppenstein Institute of Science and Technology. His inventions helped Kaiden push his plans further along, though he is unaware of their nefarious intentions.

As the partner of crime, if somewhat unwilling, of Kaiden, we had a chat to Niles to see how he’s adapted to life in Rêves and the story.

Me: Hello Niles, it’s nice to meet you.

Niles: Indeed. It’s fantastic to be given this opportunity to meet you and converse.

Me: Oh thank you. Well first things first, I heard you are a rather amazing scientist. What is your field of expertise?

Niles: My current field of study is electrical transference and conduction inhibition.

Me: Wow, so impressive stuff. And you studied this and other engineering skills under your grandfather at the prestigious Oppenstein Institute in Gosenburg, Ainzmärk.

Niles: Err… yes… but i’d rather not discuss it too much, if you don’t mind.

Me: Oh no problem. Well then lets change subject to your latest invention. How does it work?

Niles: AHHHHH… my personal security baton is a revolution in electrical protection devices. The first of its sort in the world. It work through a rather unique and interesting process You see the transference of current is controlled by the grounding pin held within the prime cylinder of the handle. Its flow is controlled by the conductor switch that in turn finishes the circuit and allows for its pulsation along the steel carbon frame, through the transmission properties of the gasses held within the hollow core. Then to recharge the device, a clock work polycyclic gear rotates around a magnetised wired core, enforcing the gravitational… I’m sorry I’m talking a lot huh? I hope I’m not boring you with technical jargon?

Me: (zzzzz….shudders awake) Huh?.. oh yes… very exciting stuff. But I suppose the thing our readers will want to know is why a shy young northern boy, from a wealthy background moved all the way across the continent to Rêves? 

Niles: Well, I was looking for my place in the world. I have a mission to use my inventions to change the continent for the better. I had heard of many problems within Rêves that such items could irrevocably fix, thereby making it a safer, better city and allowing my inventions to gain stature in a city of innovation and business. At least that was the plan…

Me: So you had no idea Kaiden was playing you from the start?

Niles: No, I hones… Wait… Kaiden is using me?

Me: Errr…. no absolutely not. Oh dear, seems we’ve ran out of time today. Thank you for help today, I must dash.


Me: (Running….)


Amadeus Tuefel

Amadeus is the Spymaster General of the Duke of Rêves and leader of his personal bodyguards; The Ravens.

Teufel has served in the Ravens from a very young age, a family tradition of his father and grandfather before him. He relishes perfection and order, the Thieves Guild therefore ruining his city and his Duke’s reputation to effectively rule. He seeks to bring them into line through his daring plot, unifying the city in complete submission and organisation.

Teufel loathes Kaiden, having made the man as a young officer fail his orders and look foolish to his superiors. Since that day a vendetta was born and since Teufel’s ascension to Spymaster a few months previously has seen vast efforts put in to tracking the elusive thief down to exact his revenge.

Character Profile

  • Name: Amadeus Teufel
  • Age: 29 – Very patriotic, very intelligent . He has a mean streak and doesn’t suffer fools. Has risen fast through the ranks through methodically removing opposition in front of him.
  • Height: 5ft 9in
  • Weight: 173lbs
  • Marital Status: Single – Doesn’t favour the lure of married life, instead is married to the job, though he finds other ways to meet his needs; predominately in the club ‘La Luna’ .
  • Specialist Skill: Superior Tactician – A life in the armed services, match with the guile and ruthless effectiveness of his information gathering from leading the Ravens has made Teufel into a fearful and worthy opponent for our protagonist, Kaiden Zwelle.

We spoke to the Spymaster general, completely not under torture…

Me: Hello Amadeus… err it’s nice to meet you.

Teufel: That’s General Teufel to you.

Me: Oh… I see. My apologies… General Teufel. You have been in the Duke of Rêves elite unit; the Ravens for a number of years now. Is this correct?

Teufel: Indeed. A family tradition. My father and his father before him all rose to rank of Captain in the auspicious rank. I am the first to reach General.

Me: Very impressive. And you are a man of considerable honour and take the role of protecting his Grace, Duke Alexandre incredibly seriously. Does it make it hard on your relationships with other outside of the job? 

Teufel: I have no need for these relationships. They make a man weak. Friends are for the fragile. I have subordinates. Family is for the weak. I have my command. Love is for fools. I have respect…

Me: Err…. right well that clears up that question. But surely the amount of time you must spend in the Duke’s company, there must be some form of kinship there?

Teufel: Absolutely not! I am his servant, he is my master. I will protect him and his realm with my life. Extinguishing the flames of his enemies for they are mine!

Me: Ah… well now you’ve brought enemies up. The continent is going through a period of peace. This must make your life a little easier to know there is fear of war coming to Rêves? 

Teufel: Are you a fool? Now is even more dangerous. As the years of “peace” roll by then so does ones anticipation. A sense of false security. It’s a classic trap. I’m am forever on the edge for any who might attempt any violence on my Duke.

Me: I see… Then this must be why you turned so aggressively on Kaiden when he came to Citadel Island and spoke with the Duke?


Me: Oh… I… well… didn’t know you’d go all…


Me: (running)…. why do these interviews always end in me running????…..


Rosetta Fentris

Rosetta Fentris is the Master of Shadows within the Thieves Guild of Rêves. Before this, she was Kaiden’s apprentice learning the ways of the Guild.

Rosetta’s skills are unmatched in deception, espionage and subterfuge. She guards the secrets of the Guilds as well seeking out new ones to sell/blackmail.

Rosetta plays an important role in bringing Kaiden and the plot to life. Their relationship stands at a pivotal crossroads and ‘Honour Among Thieves’ stresses this to the utmost extreme.

Character Profile

  • Name: Rosetta Fentris
  • Age: ?? – Young but very intelligentHe lacks from the common sense that comes from living a privileged lifestyle before coming to Rêves.
  • Height: 5ft 7in
  • Weight: 132lbs
  • Marital Status: Single – Being a Master within the Thieves Guild isn’t great for a person’s love life.
  • Specialist Skill: Espionage – A Master in the arts of secret gathering, Rosetta’s ability to run both an intelligence and counterintelligence network for the Guild keeps the Raven’s at bay. 

I met up with Kaiden’s former partner in crime and apprentice now turned Master of Secrets: Rosetta Fentris.

Me: Good Afternoon Rosetta, how are you?

Rosetta: Good darling, thank you for asking. And you?

Me: Errr…. I’m good, thank you. Now in ‘Honour Among Thieves’ you are a Master of the Thieves’ Guild, how did you become a Master? 

Rosetta: A good question. But surely the real question is ‘why did you make me a master?

Me: Oh… I… Well, you were a strong character, focussed and head strong so it made sense that you would have risen in the ranks. But you know I’m suppose to be doing the interview right? 

Rosetta: Of course, of course. Apologies, its just my natural curiosity.

Me: Indeed and this curiosity would have grown when you met Kaiden Zwelle?

Rosetta: Indeed. Meeting Kaiden changed my life. It set me on this path. Though I do find it equally as interesting as to why you choose to tell the story this way?

Me: errrr… Well I suppose… Hey! You’re doing it again. Asking me questions. (cough) Getting back to this interview. Now as Master of Secrets I assume you are very talented in the arts of deception and espionage, do you find it hard to develop relationships with friends or… potential paramours?

Rosetta: Hmmmm… Such another well thought out question. Tell me, do you ask because of your obsession with me? You do offer a great deal of detail describing me in the book? I’m obviously flattered, but to think me hard to develop relationships… are you hiding something some meaning here?

Me: What? No… stop it! I’m asking the questions and that has nothing to do with anything. I simply meant that being a Master thief must be difficult to have a proper family like with a normal 9-5 job. Even more so when your job within the Guild is to seek out secrets that would harm it or ones it could use

Rosetta: Absolutely. So many secrets… much like your secret.

Me: …… secret?

Rosetta: (Inaudible whispers)……. is that not true?

Me: That’s it! Interview over…….!!!!