Armello Adventure – Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the Newest segment by me, a story telling platform with a difference! For those who are familiar with my blogs, you will already know but for new fans on my website for the first time, there's something you should know... I love stories! I enjoy them in many different formats. Books, Audiobooks,…Read more Armello Adventure – Introduction

Friday Feature – Author Mentor Match

Evening Guild Rats, Another exciting Friday night. Tonight I'm off to volunteer at the Rugby, so I'll be freezing my nips off while you're reading this! (Hope you somewhere warm) In bookish life, I'm working my butt off because I'm hurrying to get my WIP ready for March and the deadline for submission to Author…Read more Friday Feature – Author Mentor Match

Friday Feature – Adjusting Up North

Evening Guild Rats, Well, I'm officially a northerner, (though I'm sure northerners will say otherwise), time to buy a flat cap and say "ee by gum" and all that jazz. Orrrrr... I could act totally normal because Nottingham is just that. It's fun and exciting here and the move and work have gone really well.…Read more Friday Feature – Adjusting Up North