D&D Avdnetures – Chapter 2 – Through Sickness and in Health

The group arrived in a windswept landscape, cold and harsh with mud up to their ankles. Long valley of dire abandon, with only a single point of interest for miles. A settlement. Walled and with a keep at its pinnacle. It stood out against the backdrop so vivid with grey walls against bland browns. The…Read more D&D Avdnetures – Chapter 2 – Through Sickness and in Health

D&D Adventures – Chapter 1 – The Fate of Fates

A flash. Blinding, then calm.   The tranquil forest glade our newest companions found themselves within was peaceful… that was until they saw each other. Tal’iel retreated to the nearby treeline, bow raised and ready. Kara and Toorin looked about perplexed, while Cragwyn raged, his primal gladiatorial reflexes taking over. Sunwalker used his spellcasting ability…Read more D&D Adventures – Chapter 1 – The Fate of Fates

New D&D Campaign

So, I’ve probably mentioned this a number of times, through various projects I’ve done on this website since I started it back in 2017, but I love tabletop Roleplaying games. I enjoy creating a world and a story with my friends, to live out many different lives and characters. I do find myself often in…Read more New D&D Campaign

Agent Feedback

Hello hello, Hope you are all well reading this. Whether you are a writer, a reader or maybe somebody just interested. "Hello!" So, I'm trying to be more consistent with these blogs but with work, family, reading, writing, dnd campaigns and other projects, I find this left at the bottom of the order. However, I've…Read more Agent Feedback

Self-Doubt and Staying Creative

Hello! Hope all is well where you are. Today's blog is a little written therapy for me but I'd love to hear your own thoughts on the subject. The biggest problem that I find I have when I’m trying to be creative the need for perfection and the worry that should I release my creation…Read more Self-Doubt and Staying Creative

Working & Writing

  Hello! Today's blog is looking at working as an author and wondering what other people do to fit in their writing about their "real work" lives. I'm a morning writer. I get up before work and try to smash out a 1000 words before jumping in the shower and throwing myself onto the bus…Read more Working & Writing

Finding Focus – A study in SHINY STORY SYNDROME

Hello hello hello, What do we have here then? Oh it's ANOTHER new story idea Oh no!!! But I'm 20/30/40k words into my last SUPER SHINY and NEW stroy idea!!!! What's that brain? You do'nt want to work on that idea anymore and instead will focus on that new idea and obsess over it, even…Read more Finding Focus – A study in SHINY STORY SYNDROME