Friday Feature – Merry Christmas

Evening Guild Rats, Cue the music. Invite the relatives you really don't like around. And get ready for over indulging to the point where you'll spend the rest of the year beating yourself up about it.... Ah Christmas... That magical time of the year. In all honesty, I hate Christmas (sorry Christmas peeps) but I…Read more Friday Feature – Merry Christmas


Friday Feature – Christmas Sign Off

Evening Guild Rats, Not much to say tonight... Lots going on in this busy festive period. To be frank it's all a bit crazy with stresses and deadlines coming in thick and fast. However, It's not all bad, I've also had some good news. I got a new job that will be starting in the…Read more Friday Feature – Christmas Sign Off

Friday Feature – Christmas Wishlist

Evening Guild Rats, So it's Friday and it's officially time to get christmassy! Yes! I know some of you are trying to avoid it and others welcome it but it's coming whether you like it or not... Having to spend hours with family you either detest or they smell. The stress that everywhere is now…Read more Friday Feature – Christmas Wishlist