Agent Feedback

Hello hello, Hope you are all well reading this. Whether you are a writer, a reader or maybe somebody just interested. "Hello!" So, I'm trying to be more consistent with these blogs but with work, family, reading, writing, dnd campaigns and other projects, I find this left at the bottom of the order. However, I've…Read more Agent Feedback

Self-Doubt and Staying Creative

Hello! Hope all is well where you are. Today's blog is a little written therapy for me but I'd love to hear your own thoughts on the subject. The biggest problem that I find I have when Iā€™m trying to be creative the need for perfection and the worry that should I release my creation…Read more Self-Doubt and Staying Creative

The Writers Couch – The Writers Room

#thewritersroom Welcome to The Writers Room. Every Wednesday, I'll be bringing a video on a specific writing topic or the writing journey itself. Today's Episode talks about: The Writers Couch Hey guys and gals, I know we had a little fun with this episode but the topic of mental health as a Writer is something…Read more The Writers Couch – The Writers Room

Friday Feature – Sit down and Catch Up

Evening Guild Rats,   Can't believe it's been so long since I did one of these writing blogs! Why you might ask, well... this here boy's been busy!! No resting on laurels here. But I have let the blog slip and for that... Please forgive me... My current inclination has been to put the Self-Publication…Read more Friday Feature – Sit down and Catch Up

Friday Feature – Fear of Failure

Evening Guild Rats, boy has it been a weird February. Had some good times and been very busy but had the "January Blues" hit me a month late. Struggling with writing, lots of little projects keeping me busy but not productive and work is making it a daily struggle.... boy oh boy.... I know I'm…Read more Friday Feature – Fear of Failure

Armello Adventure – Introduction

Hello! Welcome to the Newest segment by me, a story telling platform with a difference! For those who are familiar with my blogs, you will already know but for new fans on my website for the first time, there's something you should know... I love stories! I enjoy them in many different formats. Books, Audiobooks,…Read more Armello Adventure – Introduction

Friday Feature – Merry Christmas

Evening Guild Rats, Cue the music. Invite the relatives you really don't like around. And get ready for over indulging to the point where you'll spend the rest of the year beating yourself up about it.... Ah Christmas... That magical time of the year. In all honesty, I hate Christmas (sorry Christmas peeps) but I…Read more Friday Feature – Merry Christmas