Friday Feature – Share! Tag! Win!!!

Evening Guild Rats,   Wow... what a stressful week. Work is nightmarish. Pay day can't come quick enough. Comic Con got cancelled. ... .... I won't lie it's not been amazing, but we are only ONE WEEK from the official book launch for HONOUR AMONG THIEVES!!!! πŸ˜€ In celebration, as a run up I'm giving…Read more Friday Feature – Share! Tag! Win!!!

Friday Feature – Author Spotlight

  Evening Guild Rats, I am currently at a Sci-Fi con right nowΒ this has been pre-made on Tuesday... My BIRTHDAY! hahaha... I don't really celebrate my birthday but as it was the big day, I thought I'd tell you a little bit more about me. So I present this weeks blog... all about me :P…Read more Friday Feature – Author Spotlight

Friday Feature – FREE books and Love

Evening Guild Rats, Is it Friday already??? Woohoo!!!! And even more awesome about it is that I'm giving away FREE EBOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.... Where has February gone?? No, seriously? Superbowls, school half terms, international travel, work deadlines and New super secrets projects!!!! PHEW! I think we all deserve a reward for all the hard work.... Well,…Read more Friday Feature – FREE books and Love

Friday Feature – Christmas Wishlist

Evening Guild Rats, So it's Friday and it's officially time to get christmassy! Yes! I know some of you are trying to avoid it and others welcome it but it's coming whether you like it or not... Having to spend hours with family you either detest or they smell. The stress that everywhere is now…Read more Friday Feature – Christmas Wishlist