Friday Feature – Author Mentor Match

Evening Guild Rats, Another exciting Friday night. Tonight I'm off to volunteer at the Rugby, so I'll be freezing my nips off while you're reading this! (Hope you somewhere warm) In bookish life, I'm working my butt off because I'm hurrying to get my WIP ready for March and the deadline for submission to Author…Read more Friday Feature – Author Mentor Match

Friday Feature – New year, new approach

Evening Guild Rats, Happy new year! Well 2018 is done and dusted. In the grand scheme of things I'd have to say it was a pretty successful year! Great family holiday Released HONOUR AMONG THIEVES (eeek!) Moved up north (Didn't expect that this time last year!) With so many good memories I'm feeling really good…Read more Friday Feature – New year, new approach

Friday Feature – Merry Christmas

Evening Guild Rats, Cue the music. Invite the relatives you really don't like around. And get ready for over indulging to the point where you'll spend the rest of the year beating yourself up about it.... Ah Christmas... That magical time of the year. In all honesty, I hate Christmas (sorry Christmas peeps) but I…Read more Friday Feature – Merry Christmas

Friday Feature – Audio Options?

Evening Guild Rats, So I had a real exciting weekend just gone by. The awesome people at @fantasybookcritic on twitter agreed to read my book and awaiting review there! (First proper review!) Added to this I ran a FREE BOOK WEEKEND Promotion which led to nearly 100 downloads. (yes it's not a lot but for me it's huge!)…Read more Friday Feature – Audio Options?

UPDATE: New Year, New Goals.

Afternoon Guild Rats, Well its a new year... new possibilities and new opportunities. I'm not one for the whole new year, new me philosophy but I feel this year applies in more ways. New Job New Ideas New Goals New Challenges I realise that I've been away from blog for a while and that was…Read more UPDATE: New Year, New Goals.