Friday Feature – Sit down and Catch Up

Evening Guild Rats,   Can't believe it's been so long since I did one of these writing blogs! Why you might ask, well... this here boy's been busy!! No resting on laurels here. But I have let the blog slip and for that... Please forgive me... My current inclination has been to put the Self-Publication…Read more Friday Feature – Sit down and Catch Up


Armello Adventures – Episodes 5-8

Hello! I know's it's been a while since I posted up the latest of my episodes onto my website. Life is crazy!! But the campaign is still going well and I'm having a lot of fun with it. You can check out the current set of episode here! Please feel free to drop a message…Read more Armello Adventures – Episodes 5-8

Review Space – Prince of Thorns

Hello, jello! Darkness rains supreme in this gritty Grimdark classic! I read this because I enjoyed reading Joe Abercrombie's Half a King and this was supposed to be similar. Similar???? It was magnificent!! Jorg is a despicable bastard of a character and as well he should be! His life has been a knotted twist of…Read more Review Space – Prince of Thorns

Review Space – Retribution Falls

Before Guardians of the Galaxy movies made a rag tag and poorly thrown together crew, mixed with inept leadership and more action than a Michael Bay film popular, there was The Tales of the Ketty Jay. Frey is a bit of an obnoxious bastard and captain of the ship. With a perchance for getting himself,…Read more Review Space – Retribution Falls

Armello Adventures – Episode 4

Hello again! As you might know, I'm running an RPG campaign, set in the world of Armello, using Dungeons and Dragons 5th Editions rules. This week: Tracking through the woods on the hunt for Hazel's missing family, the party come across the ruins of an old keep, perched on a cliff at the edge of…Read more Armello Adventures – Episode 4

Armello Adventure – Episode 3

Hello! Welcome back to another addition of Armello Adventures, my new weekly story-telling, RPG show. This week, weโ€™re continuing with another episode of the D&D campaign! The party make a new friend and help her investigate the strange disappearance of her family. To do this, they must step foot into the deep, dark Tangleweed Woodsโ€ฆ…Read more Armello Adventure – Episode 3