1st catch up of 2020!

Hello, Welcome to what I believe is the first post in 2020! I’ve had a bit of a weird first week here in the new year. I’ve come down with the sickness bug majorly and that’s meant zero energy and zero wanting to escape from my bed. It’s not been all doom and gloom however!…Read more 1st catch up of 2020!

New Year, New Goals – 2020 Edition

Hello and holy moley! Has another year just flown by or what? Seriously, how quickly did 2019 fly past? Well... time to strap yourself in and prepare for 2020! A new year means its a perfect time to set some goals and shake things up a bit and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing!…Read more New Year, New Goals – 2020 Edition

Agent Feedback

Hello hello, Hope you are all well reading this. Whether you are a writer, a reader or maybe somebody just interested. "Hello!" So, I'm trying to be more consistent with these blogs but with work, family, reading, writing, dnd campaigns and other projects, I find this left at the bottom of the order. However, I've…Read more Agent Feedback

Self-Doubt and Staying Creative

Hello! Hope all is well where you are. Today's blog is a little written therapy for me but I'd love to hear your own thoughts on the subject. The biggest problem that I find I have when I’m trying to be creative the need for perfection and the worry that should I release my creation…Read more Self-Doubt and Staying Creative

Working & Writing

  Hello! Today's blog is looking at working as an author and wondering what other people do to fit in their writing about their "real work" lives. I'm a morning writer. I get up before work and try to smash out a 1000 words before jumping in the shower and throwing myself onto the bus…Read more Working & Writing

New Work in Progress

Hello! So I took most of August off to get my head sorted, figure out what I'm doing with my writing (and life in general) and from there I found some ideas, a new job and well, basically a new fire. Writing, for any of you who have tried it, is bloody hard! It long…Read more New Work in Progress

Writers Room – Traditional vs Indie Publishing

Welcome to The Writers Room. Every Wednesday, I'll be bringing a video on a specific writing topic or the writing journey itself. Today's Episode talks about: Traditional vs Indie Publishing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YJRLdPcyMs I'm really excited to bring this content to you, so please feel free to share any comments below. What #writingadvice would you like to…Read more Writers Room – Traditional vs Indie Publishing