Friday Feature – Sit down and Catch Up

Evening Guild Rats,   Can't believe it's been so long since I did one of these writing blogs! Why you might ask, well... this here boy's been busy!! No resting on laurels here. But I have let the blog slip and for that... Please forgive me... My current inclination has been to put the Self-Publication…Read more Friday Feature – Sit down and Catch Up


Friday Feature – Fear of Failure

Evening Guild Rats, boy has it been a weird February. Had some good times and been very busy but had the "January Blues" hit me a month late. Struggling with writing, lots of little projects keeping me busy but not productive and work is making it a daily struggle.... boy oh boy.... I know I'm…Read more Friday Feature – Fear of Failure

Friday Feature – Working to progress

Afternoon Guild Rats, I'm back and with another Friday feature. Valentines day came and went and while the social media storm spoke of loving either your partner or loving yourself, I was falling in love with... a new WIP. You see, I've been struggling to tie down something worth taking to the next level. My…Read more Friday Feature – Working to progress

Friday Feature – Coffee time

Evening Guild rats, How's it going? Another week down and life ticks along nicely. It's busy as per usual but not as hectic as it once was. However, I'm finding time really difficult to track down and commit to my latest project and still trying to promote Honour Among Thieves as well as dealing with…Read more Friday Feature – Coffee time

Friday Feature – Why do I do it?

Evening Guild Rats, I wanted to bring you a fun, fresh and interesting blog but frankly... This week has killed me. Work has gone from a nice easy and manageable pace and now, with the new academic term in sight decided to sh*t on me. But in some respects it allows me to sit back…Read more Friday Feature – Why do I do it?

Friday Feature – #HonestUpdate – Take 2

Evening Guild Rats, Ah Friday. With a weekend to look forward to Fridays feel so awesome! Especially right now ๐Ÿ˜€ So with everything going on I was trying to think of a subject for this weeks Friday Feature. And then it came to me... With everything going on I'd give you a glimpse on what…Read more Friday Feature – #HonestUpdate – Take 2

Friday Feature – What it’s about.

Eveningย Guild Rats, Friday! Ah glorious end of a rotten work week!... Yes, it's been awful. (Even with Bank Holiday) Butย  thankfully I've had a couple of days with my son camping (in this damn awful British weather! Hooray! ahaha) And it's got me feeling warm and fuzzy! Made me think... "Why the bloody hell am…Read more Friday Feature – What it’s about.