Friday Feature – Audio Options?

Evening Guild Rats, So I had a real exciting weekend just gone by. The awesome people at @fantasybookcritic on twitter agreed to read my book and awaiting review there! (First proper review!) Added to this I ran a FREE BOOK WEEKEND Promotion which led to nearly 100 downloads. (yes it's not a lot but for me it's huge!)…Read more Friday Feature – Audio Options?

Friday Feature – Coffee time

Evening Guild rats, How's it going? Another week down and life ticks along nicely. It's busy as per usual but not as hectic as it once was. However, I'm finding time really difficult to track down and commit to my latest project and still trying to promote Honour Among Thieves as well as dealing with…Read more Friday Feature – Coffee time

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 8

Another Week, another amazing episode! After the fun of the film, Team ZJNC have a tough decision to make. Help Jazz acquire his package while reporting it back to Officer Rand in Vale PD or keep it and work for the mysterious Razzamatazz owner? Cyan is weary about the whole thing. This will take…Read more RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 8

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 7

Another Week, another amazing episode! After hearing the sounds of gunfire, Aurata and Johnny rush to investigate, meanwhile Zure and Cyan are not far behind. Meanwhile, Saturday is a day off for our Huntsmen and women in training but Team ZJNC soon find out that time off is anything but simple. NEW EPISODE RELEASED…Read more RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 7

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 6

Another Week, another amazing episode!   Team ZJNC find themselves back at Beacon following last night's fight. As some members of the group rest, other's train and others start to put the pieces of yesterday's puzzle together... but somethings are just not adding up??? NEW EPISODE RELEASED EVERY TUESDAY 6pm GMT! CAST: Marcus -…Read more RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 6

RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 5

Another Week, another amazing episode! Team ZJNC find themselves sent on what should be a routine mission in to the Forever Falls Forest. However, they will need all their wits about them as they learn that even this close to the city there is still plenty of beasts that go bump in the night....…Read more RWBY Dark Genesis Episode 5

RWBY Dark Genesis podcast Episode 3

Another Week, another amazing episode! Having made it through the Beacon Academy Initiations, the newly formed Team ZJNC find themselves adjusting to school life in a new city. With a colorful cast of newly formed friends and eccentric teachers, Zure, Johnny, Aurata and Cyan will find out that the route towards becoming Huntsmen is…Read more RWBY Dark Genesis podcast Episode 3